Garden Guided Tour: Relaxed Q&A + Behind the Scenes

Discover Our Gardens: A Guided Tour with Luke (Approx. 1 hour)

Welcome, horticulture enthusiasts! I’m your guide, Luke, and for the next hour, we’ll embark on a captivating exploration of our vibrant gardens.

Unlike traditional self-guided tours, I’ll be here throughout to answer your questions about the unique flora, their fascinating histories, and any gardening techniques that pique your interest.

As we stroll, I’ll highlight garden features, planting themes, projects and new ideas. Feel free to linger at your leisure, savoring the fragrant blooms and captivating landscapes.

Throughout the tour don’t hesitate to ask questions, or we can dedicate a Q&A session at the conclusion – whichever you prefer.

Ready to immerse yourselves in a world of botanical beauty?

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Explore Longbush Cottage Gardens through a personalized guided tour led by Luke, the Chief Gardener. The guided tour gives you the chance to ask questions during your visit, identify plants you may want to buy, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and methods employed by Luke.
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