LAMS Glasshouses

Premier French glasshouse manufacturer, specializing in vintage-inspired and modern designs.

LAMS Glasshouses: A captivating story of harmony with nature

Discover the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and joy right in your own garden with LAMS Glasshouses. For over 30 years, we have been passionately designing glasshouses, immersing ourselves in the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

Crafted to last: A 30-year journey

At LAMS, we have been manufacturing exquisite garden glasshouses for over three decades. As a French company, every creation is meticulously designed in our workshops in Vendée. We firmly believe that crafting our glasshouses in France is essential to ensure unparalleled quality and reliability. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of LAMS Glasshouses, where we offer a diverse range of glasshouses, along with all the necessary equipment and accessories.

Why choose a glasshouse?

Extend your home with a glasshouse that reflects your unique style. Blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, creating a private sanctuary sheltered from unpredictable weather. Showcase your favourite plants year-round in a customizable space that matches your desires and style.

The world of glasshouses awaits!

Discover your dream glasshouse, tailored to your location, size, and functionality preferences. This haven brings serenity and tranquillity after a long day’s work. Let your creative ideas bring your glasshouse to life, whether as a winter sanctuary, serene haven, or versatile reception room. LAMS Glasshouses reconnect you to your roots in an environment designed by you.

LAMS @ Longbush, our journey…

A quest for a glasshouse that blends seamlessly with the cottage garden, evoking nostalgic charm while enduring New Zealand’s harsh conditions. Love at first sight with a LAMS creation sparked Longbush Cottage’s journey as the exclusive purveyor of Serres LAMS products in New Zealand.

Made to order, custom for you!

Glasshouse dreams do come true: Click here to explore our gallery of glasshouses at Longbush Cottage

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