Garden Guided Tour: Relaxed Q&A

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Discover Our Gardens: A Guided Tour with Luke (Approx. 1 hour)

Welcome, horticulture enthusiasts! I’m your guide, Luke, and for the next hour, we’ll embark on a captivating exploration of our vibrant gardens.

Unlike traditional self-guided tours, I’ll be here throughout to answer your questions about the unique flora, their fascinating histories, and any gardening techniques that pique your interest.

As we stroll, I’ll highlight garden features, planting themes, projects and new ideas. Feel free to linger at your leisure, savoring the fragrant blooms and captivating landscapes.

Throughout the tour don’t hesitate to ask questions, or we can dedicate a Q&A session at the conclusion – whichever you prefer.

Ready to immerse yourselves in a world of botanical beauty?

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Immerse yourself in the magic of Longbush Cottage Gardens with a personalized guided tour led by Luke, our passionate Chief Gardener.

Uncover Hidden Gems: Luke, with his intimate knowledge of the gardens, will take you on a captivating journey, revealing the hidden treasures and unique stories behind each bloom.

Ask the Expert: This tour is your chance to engage with a horticultural master. Have your questions answered in real-time, whether you’re curious about specific plant varieties, expert gardening tips, or the secrets behind Longbush Cottage’s flourishing ecosystem.

Discover Your Perfect Plant Companions: As you explore the gardens, identify plants that resonate with you. Luke’s expertise can help you choose the ideal flora to bring a touch of Longbush beauty to your own home.

Go Beyond the Surface: Delve deeper than just admiring the stunning displays. Luke will share his insights into the techniques and methods that bring Longbush Cottage Gardens to life. Learn about the care, cultivation, and artistry behind each vibrant bloom.

This personalized experience is perfect for:

  • Garden enthusiasts eager to learn from a seasoned professional.
  • Plant lovers seeking inspiration and practical knowledge.
  • Anyone who wants a deeper connection with nature and horticulture.
  • Book your personalized guided tour today and create lasting memories at Longbush Cottage Gardens!
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